Onkruit is a non-profit organisation based in Ghent, founded in 2016, by a couple of friends who united to organize events in the harder electronic genres including hardcore, breakcore, techno, acid, … Their name refers to the dutch antimilitaristic movement that was active in the Netherlands in the seventies and eighties with the same name. More information about this movement can be found in the dutch documentary by Andere Tijden.

After a couple of events Onkruit decided it wanted to be as independent as possible by acquiring their own soundsystem, gathering a dedicated team of volunteers and  obtaining a network of artists, video producers, VJ's, visual artists, photographers, ... 

Onkruit quickly realized that there was much more potential within the independence they had acquired, and decided to make these features available to other (beginning) organisations, to expand the reach and message of the harder electronic genres.



Breathtakingly low bass

Using our customized labhorns, a horn-loaded subwoofer designed by Tom Danley that uses a driver specifically designed for the speaker, we are able to extraordinarily reinforce sub frequencies with incredible depth and pressure. Pictures of the build can be found here.

Right on top of those, we have USB kick bins, a kick bin specifically designed to sit on top labhorns, resulting in extraordinary phase alignment.

Profound dynamics

With our Turbosound TMS-3's, a three-way horn-loaded speaker designed by Tony Andrews and John Newsham and widely used by bands like Styx, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Monsters of Rock, ... we are able to reinforce sound with very low distortion and naturally acoustic output without the need for artificial compensating electronics.

Astonishing high fidelity

By mixing with Soundcraft equipment and processing the system with Nova acoustics speaker management systems we can deliver superior sound in high definition quality with absolutely brilliant technical specifications due to Nova's advanced technologies in DSPs and AD/DA converters plus the freedom to control our mixer from anywhere in the venue due to Soundcraft's surfaceless mixer.

Quality power

Amplifying the system with Matrix amplifiers, especially developed by Andy Hunt, using specially developed modern switched-mode power supplies which provide huge amounts of Class AB power whilst keeping the weight down and reproducing every transient in your original source material, keeping your sound quality as high as possible.


Sound System Hire

In the root of Onkruit's existence lies the soundsystem. We are very proud to provide high-fidelity audio suitable for any genre.

As we strive for the best quality, we use top-of-the-line equipment.

More info about our soundsystem can be found here.

Sound System Tuning

We care to spread our love for high quality audio and therefore provide tuning services for other soundsystems.

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Our team consists of many different technicians. From experienced sound technicians that know our equipment like no other, to recording and light technicians! 

Get in touch for specific questions!

Event Management

We can help develop any event from technical to conceptual aspects.

We have a trusted network of artists and DJ's, video producers and VJ's to photographers and visual artists.

On top of that we are able to provide specific technical support in light, sound and AV.


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